What will Outsourcing Customer Support Service Look Like in 2022?

You buy a product online; the amount was deducted, but you didn’t receive an order confirmation? Or, do you want to know about the status of your return order? You turn to a customer service person to resolve your query in both situations, right! Customer support personnel are a blessing for both the customer and the firm. For customers, they help resolve queries, and for firms, they help boost customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. 

Despite the need for 24x7 customer support, businesses fail to do so due to limited staff or lack of skills to handle customer complaints. This is where outsourcing customer service companies act as a ray of hope for businesses by offering a superior customer experience. With the rise of the digital age, more and more customers seek instant gratification and quick answers to their problems. But, due to the ever-evolving technology landscape, it has become vital for a business to keep track of the latest customer service trends to know all they can do to enhance customer service.

Why is Customer Service the Backbone of Every Industry?

Regardless of the industry, you belong to and the size of your business, your success will depend primarily on retaining and cultivating loyalty among customers. According to Zendesk, 77 % of customers are loyal to those firms that offer superior services. Here are some reasons why firms need to invest in BPO outsourcing services.

  • Attracting a new customer is 6-to 7 times more expensive than retaining an existing one (Kolsky)
  • 96 % of customers say that excellent customer service is an essential factor for developing loyalty (Microsoft)
  • 52 % of customers say they make an additional purchase from a company that offers a positive customer experience (Dimensional Research)
  • Customers respond to customer service questions 85 % of the time (Microsoft)

Major Trends Experts Predict to Emerge in BPO Industry in 2022

More Focus on Process Automation

New technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) impact the BPO industry. In RPA, your outsourcing partner will use AI on a user interface to respond to customer queries faster and at a cheaper rate. RPA, with its cost-saving, speed, and efficiency, will make its way into all types of business processes in 2022 and beyond. In 2022, outsourcing companies will automate more processes to bring innovation to clients, improve productivity and enjoy cost-advantage.

24x7 Live Support Improves Customer Relationship

In order to succeed in the digital marketplace, companies must provide 24×7 customer service. Not only this, firms must offer omnichannel communication, i.e., be available on every customer support channel. Outsourcing service providers should use digital platforms to respond to customer requests whenever and wherever they desire. For a better customer experience, offer customers options to contact customer support personnel through social media, messaging applications, email, and more.

Personalized Customer Service will take Center Stage

Hyper personalization will be a new customer support strategy in 2022. Personalized interactions with customers encourage customers to purchase from companies that provide customized customer support services such as:

  • Unify the data to ensure customer information is accessible by support agents
  • Create customized outbound customer service 
  • Make use of intelligent tools to meet customer support expectations

Growth of Self-Service Adoption

In traditional customer service, agents would engage with people one-on-one. The same is true even today, but that’s not all. Self-service has become a major part of customer service. To make self-service a winner, firms have to focus on factors like speed, convenience, and seamless omnichannel experience. For example, if a customer has to update the shipping address, easy-to-follow steps must help customers do the task independently. The growth of self-service will reduce customer queries, giving more time to support personnel to perform complex tasks.

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